Welcome to the CS4HS workshop: An exploration of Computer Science for Primary/High(Secondary) school teachers in Western Australia

The School of Computer Science and Software Engineering at the University of Western Australia, with generous support from Google, is holding a CS4HS workshop on September 28-29 at UWA. The workshop is free and aimed at helping K-12 teachers (both pre- and in- service teachers) and educators learn more about using ICT through hands-on activities, presentations and the sharing of innovative teaching and discussions with other educators, industry speakers, and UWA researchers. In particular, we will demonstrate how teachers can encourage learners to think and analyse a particular topic through use of ICT/CS. The workshop requires no previous programming experience.

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Come and join us in the CS4HS workshop! 

Our goal for this workshop is to provide a free professional development program for K-12 teachers who have an interest in ICT/CS. This two-day program includes plenty of hands-on activities and interactive sessions and will provide participants with many opportunities to interact and discuss teaching and the use of ICT/CS in classrooms for teaching and learning different subjects. There are many reasons to attend Computer Science for High School (CS4HS), including:



Organised by The University of Western Australia.